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AGRR rnd I: The Rabbit Hole

31 May 08

The premise states that people watch anime because they are trying to escape reality. They do this in order to appease themselves, somehow and momentarily go into a world where they can forget about the possible pain, difficulty or confusion in which they are going through in their everyday lives.

Escapism is not defined by the behavior itself but the real reason behind it. There are different means… from those acceptable such as consumerism or celebrity worship, to those unacceptable such as drug abuse or alcoholism. Root causes can stem from the feeling of depression, being unloved or fear of being incapable to establish stable relationships, etc, etc, etc…

But is getting hooked on anime another means of escapism?

Like all other TV shows that try to attract viewers, anime is also appealing to a certain percentage of the public and the number of hours that they spend to watch. I have always loved anything animated. Different forms, different styles. Clay, xerography, still photos, name it. One of our teachers in high school inspired our class to appreciate “animation” in its entirety including what goes on behind the scenes. As part of that class, we were to produce our own little film. That experience was carved deep into my system and has actually been carried forward even up to now. That project was one of the most grueling that our class has ever experienced but after seeing the end product and getting good grades out of it, made it all worthwhile. That same experience has become one of my “happy little thoughts” in order for me to be able to fly when I feel down and out.

That, in itself, is a means of escape for me… the kind that calms me down whenever I am faced with a difficult task right in front of me. It gets me going. At my age, when I am no longer just starting my career, but rather strengthening or reinforcing the foundations, there would be instances where you get so absorbed with the job on hand that you basically could not afford to give yourself a little slack until what has momentarily been required was met.

For me, watching anime is a reward. It is not just pure entertainment. I am pretty picky with what I am watching. I would love to have a good laugh and at the same time see the value that has been set in the anime. For characters, I would usually look for the strength that they carry from within. Not just because they have the power, but because they are able to surpass the trials.

I love stories that have quick, wicked and smart adversaries that make the main character’s fight worth it all… because at the end of the day, even when your life as a careered person ends it would still boil down to the kind of person you really are from within.

Believe it or not, there can be more lessons learned in anime than any other hollywood flicks where they only show the blatantly sexified society that most people are moving in.

There are different genres of anime where you, as a fan or a person who understands it more, can vary and use as a tool to actually teach those younger, or older in some cases, than you… just like a good old pocketbook.

Anime, along with plastic scale models have been eating up most of my spare time. Call it escapism, if you must… one thing I know for sure… that anime, among other little obsessions I have, recharges my dead batteries at the end of a job well done.

Now, I am not the only one who wrote about this topic… Read what the other girls say and let the discussions begin!

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  1. 31 May 08 Sat 2332

    Haha I loved the first image! Escaping reality can be fun, you gotta admit, because weird stuff can happen 😀

  2. lelangir permalink
    31 May 08 Sat 2349

    “Believe it or not, there can be more lessons learned in anime than any other hollywood flicks where they only show the blatantly sexified society that most people are moving in.”

    I don’t remember the last time I saw a hollywood movie, but I’d say that anime is also thoroughly rooted in the discourse on gender. However, there are parodies of gender in anime, and perhaps shows like Konakon are just so over-the-top in order to poke fun at anime and gender.

  3. 1 June 08 Sun 0048

    I heart first piz

    If anime is a kind of way to escape reality; it is a good way because it won’t harm your body unlike drugs.

  4. lelangir permalink
    1 June 08 Sun 0150

    and massive props for compiling a list of the core of the RR – that helps a lot, so I’ll just make a new folder in my google reader now, thank you so much.

  5. kaeboo permalink*
    1 June 08 Sun 0733

    thankies. 😀 weird stuff happen all the time, only that we aren’t aware of it. hehe

    Ahh, konokon. It borderlines between general patronage and parental guidance for ages 15 and below. There are indeed a lot of gender bashing in animes, that’s why as a fan of the hobby itself, you would have to be aware of what possible consequences it would be bringing, should a sibling aged 10 and under be exposed to shows that are not supposed to be exposed to them. You should, as the one who knows better, be able to let them understand that not because it is animated it is for kids.

    That has always been the misconception. True, you can either educate or ignore… but when it comes to people close to you, you should make time to be sure that their exposure is always geared towards having a positive effect on their persona.

    there are different levels of escapism and you wouldn’t even want to tread on the dark and ugly side. it’s not even worth it. 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by, guys. 🙂 really appreciate it. ❤


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